Lynette Barker
Yoga called my name for years before I found my first class.  Then in 2013, my path directed me to a class at Yoga Loft and ever since then, my love for yoga has grown deep and dedicated. I finally feel as if I am living a more authentic and joyful life. Through yoga, I found a community of people I feel connected to, and I continue to be inspired by fellow students and teachers. I completed my 235-hour RYT through Yoga with an Edge in Hickory and also completed my 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training at the Edge in September, 2016.  I am an E-RYT-200 and RYT-500.  I will remain a student through advanced studies and workshops. As a practitioner, I love flying in arm balances, turning my world upside down with inversions, and binding myself into twists. I love all classes from dynamic flow to yin, and remain open to practicing all schools and styles of yoga. As a teacher, I hope to pass on my love and passion for the path of yoga to anyone with an open heart. I feel truly honored to share my practice and energy with the community, and hope to see you on the mat!  Namaste

Carrie Carleo
I stumbled across the practice of yoga asana years ago through the P-90X workout series. One of the workouts was a 90 minute vinyasa flow style practice, and I immediately fell in love. Yoga has been a part of my life ever since. This practice has been a steady friend to me through many life transitions, and I believe it has the power to transform lives. In my desire to deepen my practice, I attended the 2019 235 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga With An Edge. I graduated from the program in September. I am an RYT-235, but I will, first and foremost, always be a student. The classes I offer are extensions of what has helped me grow in my asana practice as well as what has helped me grow as a human. The work that is put in on the mat transitions over to all aspects of life. Expect a sprinkling of yoga philosophy combined with movement and small doses of meditation and pranayama in an effort to unite mind, body, and spirit. My aspiration through teaching is to be of service. To offer up to students the life changing practice of yoga with the intention of planting a seed in their hearts and watching it grow.

Richard Carlton
When not deepening his meditation practice with teachers such as Joseph Goldstein, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Cornfield, and Carol Wilson, Richard is a cardiac surgeon at Frye Regional Medical Center. He is a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor and has hundreds of hours of training in Mindful Based Stress Reduction. In addition to his class at Yoga with an Edge, he offers Mindful Based Stress Reduction currently at Frye Care in Hickory.

Bridget Collins
My yoga light started as a subtle flicker about nineteen years ago.  My first class was an extracurricular in my first year of college.  I truly don’t remember the class, but I remember my teacher telling us that yoga saved her from a lifetime of back pain. I also remember the way I felt. It was a feeling of belonging I had never felt before. I didn’t know then that feeling of belonging was to myself.

Throughout the years following I would find a studio here or there, but never truly making the space for yoga in my life. My yoga light didn’t truly ignite until I found Yoga with an Edge. I really don’t remember my first class at The Edge. It’s like I just always attended classes there, or something? Like there wasn’t a beginning, it just was. The Edge became a place of safety, love, exploration, and some days even a battlefield for me.  Moving through the postures helped me move through some things I had been running from for a long time.  To this day yoga helps give me the strength, compassion, and confidence I need to be good to myself and others. I know that it will continue to support me throughout the rest of my life.

It wasn’t until January of 2021 that I decided to commit to the yoga teacher training at Yoga with an Edge with my best friend Mariah. We knew it would be challenging, so we figured it would be easier if we took on the challenge together! I wanted to gain more understanding of movement  to be a better support to my clients at my Massage Therapy practice. But, I also wanted to get to know myself in a way that only yoga has offered me.

 Beginning my journey as a teacher I’m excited, and honored to hold space with my students. Similar to my massage practice I enjoy facilitating calm and stillness. I imagine this will be a theme in my teaching style as well. I enjoy calmly inviting the body and mind into a more open and intentional way of being. I gravitate towards vinyasa style classes, restorative classes, alignment based practices, and learning to play with inversions.  There aren’t many styles of yoga I don’t care for, or don’t want to learn about. Even the ones that bring up resistance I have respect for, and learn from them as well.  I will earn my 235-hour RYT with Vicki from Yoga with an Edge in September 2021. That being said, I think the teaching style I embody is still unfolding for me. I’m excited for this part of my journey, and excited to share it with everyone who walks into the studio.  Looking forward to holding space with each other on our mats.  Namaste
Stephanie Easter
I completed my 235 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga with an Edge in September, 2019. I have been practicing yoga for many years, and the journey continues.Maxi Maxi Hedin
After my first yoga class, some fifteen years ago, I felt wonderful. I kept taking classes from different teachers, exploring and learning the different styles of yoga. Then one Saturday, I stumbled into a class at the YMCA and my yoga journey truly began. I felt the connection of mind, body, and spirit coming together! An amazing experience. I studied with Lorri Curtis, whose practice is Iyengar based, for five years, and then I completed my 235 hour-RYT at Yoga with an Edge in 2012. I have continued my learning of yoga through workshops and attending classes wherever my travels take me. My personal style is vinyasa flow with a compassionate self awareness . . . moving into each asana with purpose, grace, and the breath – truly, beauty in motion. Namaste.

Meredith Gladden
I was introduced to yoga by a coworker in 2017 and fell in love with the practice from my first class. I found that the challenge of mind and body in any yoga practice creates a sanctuary from the rushes of everyday life. As my personal practice grew, I decided to complete the 235 Hour Teacher Training at Yoga with an Edge in 2021. The journey continues!

Mary McMahan
I completed my yoga teacher training at yoga with an Edge, where I received my RYT-235 and RYT-300, I am an RYT-500.

Stephan Raddatz
Stephan completed his teacher training at Yoga with an Edge in 2021. Stephan is a school teacher by trade, which makes him a natural yoga teacher. He received his RYT-235 in September of 2021.

Toni Smith
I was introduced to the practice of yoga in 2009, while I was a caretaker. I realized almost from the very first class that savasana (final relaxation) was an amazing way to relieve stress and bring rest. I practiced for many months at the YMCA learning the basic poses. Little did I know there were so many styles of yoga.

A co-worker invited me to a local studio, and I fell in love with the challenge, the many styles, and the depth of the teachings. To join consciousness, the Divine, and self into practice was so much more than what I had imagined. It gave me a confidence and a desire to learn more. In 2013, I completed my 235-hour Yoga Teacher training at Yoga with An Edge and my 300 -hour teacher training at the Edge. I continue to be drawn to the health benefits, as well as the desire to learn how the ancient teachings bring peace, compassion and love for all. My hope is to share the love I have for yoga, to bring desire, interest, and opportunities for change to others.   Once you have experienced the stillness and peace in the midst of a challenge, you will want more practice. I am a RYT-500. 

Vicki Vanderlinden
I began practicing yoga in 1996. I attended my first yoga class at the YMCA and never looked back. I attended all of the yoga classes offered around town and many out of town. I attended numerous one, two, and three day workshops anywhere I could find them. And then, I made a decision to enter a Five-day Intensive workshop at Asheville Yoga Center. It changed my life! Just a few months after completing the Five-day Intensive, I began teaching at the YMCA, one class a week, then two classes, then three classes, etc.. In 2007, I completed the 230-Hour Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center, and in January 2010, I completed the 500-Hour Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center. I also completed the Baron Baptiste Level I Teacher Training in 2013 and the journey continues with dozens of weekend trainings in-between.

I am an E-RYT-500. It is complete yoga love for me, and my dream is to convey that love to my students in a sometimes nurturing, sometimes intense, and always fun environment. The true sweetness comes from the students and simply seeing the yoga light in their eyes as they shine standing in mountain pose. My practice is often edgy, offering flow, strong holds, long stretches, lots of core – whatever is in my heart is what I offer and that varies day to day.

Truth is, I love all schools of yoga and may offer up about anything. Did I mention I love HEAT? All of my classes are at least warm. ¶ Yoga teachers I have studied and trained with are numerous and from all different backgrounds and schools of yoga. My dream is to continue to find and study with as many teachers as possible so that I may bring back the magic to my students. Continuing my yoga journey, I am the owner of Yoga with an Edge in downtown Hickory and the Director of  the 9 Months/235 Hour Yoga School and Teacher Training Program at the Edge, as well as the 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program. I am deeply and eternally grateful.

Yoga with an Edge~Amazing Sub List: 
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Kellie Allie – 500 Hours
Jade Mundy – 235 Hours
Twyla Deese – 500 RYT
Nicole Arnot – 200 Hours
Pete Daggerhardt – 235 Hours
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Stephan Raddatz – 35 Hours