Chandra Om Workshops 5/15/21

Vinyasa Prayer Morning 12noon-3:00PM | $50
Yamas & Niyamas Satsang/Discussion Evening 3:30PM-5:30PM | $25
Both Sessions $75

Morning workshop:
This all levels vinyasa practice is designed to twist, stretch, strengthen and tone muscles, glands and internal organs in a challenging, yet meditative progressive flow. Most importantly, Chandra infuses the teachings of yama, dispassion, reverence, humor, surrender to the Lord, and love throughout the session.

Evening workshop:
In this informal discussion, we will discuss Yama, Niyama, the Yoga Sutras, Karma & Reincarnation, and anything else students wish to find out about. Offering plenty of opportunity for questions and answers, this session will cover the nature of the mind and its ultimate transcendence and the progression in the ascent from the individual consciousness to the emergence of the Self.