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Ashley Bartok
My love for yoga has been slow and steady. I began taking classes consistently and cultivating a deeper love for yoga about seven years ago. Now, I feel as if yoga is my soulmate! As a dedicated high school teacher, I find that teaching yoga seems like a natural calling that combines my two greatest passions. My teaching style is a very eclectic mix of what I’m feeling with the goal of facilitating practices from the heart. I love all styles of yoga and see great value in a well-balanced practice. My classes are very playful and fun with the hope of challenging students’ practices and perspectives both on and off the mat. I completed my 235-hour certification through Yoga with an Edge in October of 2013. I am currently working on my 500 hour certification at AYC in Asheville. I feel truly honored to be able to share my practice. ~Namaste

Renee’ Barnette
I completed my 235-hour teacher training at Yoga with an Edge in October 2015.  I completed my 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training at the Edge in September, 2016. I am an RYT-500.  The journey is just beginning.


Lynette Barker
Yoga called my name for years before I found my first class.  Then in 2013, my path directed me to a class at Yoga Loft and ever since then, my love for yoga has grown deep and dedicated. I finally feel as if I am living a more authentic and joyful life. Through yoga, I found a community of people I feel connected to, and I continue to be inspired by fellow students and teachers. I completed my 235-hour RYT through Yoga with an Edge in Hickory and also completed my 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training at the Edge in September, 2016.  I am an E-RYT-200 and RYT-500.  I will remain a student through advanced studies and workshops. As a practitioner, I love flying in arm balances, turning my world upside down with inversions, and binding myself into twists. I love all classes from dynamic flow to yin, and remain open to practicing all schools and styles of yoga. As a teacher, I hope to pass on my love and passion for the path of yoga to anyone with an open heart. I feel truly honored to share my practice and energy with the community, and hope to see you on the mat!  Namaste


Richard Carlton
When not deepening his meditation practice with teachers such as Joseph Goldstein, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Cornfield, and Carol Wilson, Richard is a cardiac surgeon at Frye Regional Medical Center. He is a 200-RYT certified yoga instructor and has hundreds of hours of training in Mindful Based Stress Reduction. In addition to his class at Yoga with an Edge, he offers Mindful Based Stress Reduction currently at Frye Care in Hickory.

Twyla Deese
Yoga first presented itself to me as a yard sale book on Hatha Yoga when I was in my 20’s living in Montana. The practice continued to rustle me on walking meditations and a few years later, I discovered the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”. This book changed my life forever with the spiritual practice of Kriya Yoga. In 2016 I left a lucrative career and now I continue on the path of self-realization and share the benefits of Yoga with others. In 2018, I completed my 235-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification and am currently enrolled in the 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga with an Edge. Join me to connect movement with breath and breath with spirit— and connect with others learning about the endless benefits and nature of Yoga!

Sally_Fanjoy_2012 Sally Fanjoy
My yoga practice began at birth and I continue to explore and learn. I am a photographer, videographer, and artist with a background in dance. For many years I alternated between ballet class, yoga, swimming, and marathon running, and eventually my yoga and meditation practice deepened. For the past twelve years, I have devoted my energy to the study of yoga and yoga philosophy. My teachers are numerous and include my students, my family, my friends, and the yoga community. A Yoga Alliance certified instructor, I completed the Heart Center Yoga 200-hour teacher training in May 2009 and the Asheville Yoga Center 500-hour certification in October of 2012. I am an RYT-500. My hope is to teach classes that are energetic, playful, mindful, and rooted in compassion, and that we continue to grow together through the infinite love that is our true nature.

Maxi Maxi Hedin
After my first yoga class, some fifteen years ago, I felt wonderful. I kept taking classes from different teachers, exploring and learning the different styles of yoga. Then one Saturday, I stumbled into a class at the YMCA and my yoga journey truly began. I felt the connection of mind, body, and spirit coming together! An amazing experience. I studied with Lorri Curtis, whose practice is Iyengar based, for five years, and then I completed my 235-RYT at Yoga with an Edge in 2012. I have continued my learning of yoga through workshops and attending classes wherever my travels take me. My personal style is vinyasa flow with a compassionate self awareness . . . moving into each asana with purpose, grace, and the breath – truly, beauty in motion. Namaste.

Mary McMahan
I have always enjoyed working out and have always been kind of a gym girl. I have been practicing Yoga on and off for many years and I have long wanted to pursue my 235 Hour Yoga training certificate, and have finally attained that goal at Yoga with an Edge. I have just signed up for the 300 Hour Advanced Training and am very excited to see where this path leads me. I am also a Physical Therapist Assistant and I feel my Yoga teaching goes hand in hand with my desire to assist people with a healthy lifestyle.I am so excited that I am on this Yoga path. Namaste


Michelle Morgan
I fell in love with Pilates over a dozen years ago. After my first mat class, I left feeling both relaxed and invigorated. I was immediately hooked!  Like Yoga, Pilates draws upon the mind body connection, with an emphasis on strengthening the core. Pilates helps correct muscular imbalances, improves posture, enhances coordination and increases flexibility, not to mention the added bonus of flatter abs! I am Certified Pilates Mat, Levels I and II and Core Barre.

Brianna Spallino
I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years, and received my 200 hour certification in Costa Rica in October, 2017. I am also certified in Children’s Yoga and love to teach Senior Yoga and Chair Yoga. I have a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and love all animals, especially my dog, Chip!

Tiffany Stephens
I believe I have always been led on a path towards yoga. I was always meant to be here today so deeply in love with the practice of yoga. I took my first yoga class at the Yoga Loft 3 years ago and it changed my life. I felt this deep connection with everything about it and I started to do my own research on this amazing thing called yoga. I found a more spiritual connection with my practice and began to explore this on the mat as well as off the mat. My practice has been consistent since. When the time was right, and it is always right, I was able to dive deeper into the studies of yoga and completed my 235 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga with an Edge in October 2018. Although I am fresh out of my training, I feel as if my heart has been so deeply rooted in the love of yoga for a lifetime! My passion is to serve others by sharing the light of yoga with everyone on and off the mat! I will always remain a student of yoga and plan on continuing my studies in yoga. I have enrolled in the 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga with an Edge beginning in February, 2019.

namaste Suzanne Teague
I have always carried a love of yoga in my heart. For many years my focus was on flexibility and stretch and a home practice. After my husband was injured and began doing yoga to gain strength and mobility I decided to join a group class with him. We have never looked back.

I’m a little quirky and a rebel at heart and I believe this shines through in my teaching style. I like to keep my classes fun but also challenging all while staying rooted in pranayama (breath) and Dhyana (meditation). My classes combine sweat with love and inner perspective, always encouraging my students to listen to and honor their bodies. My class is a judgment free zone!

I have a sincere desire to share my love of yoga with others and to show them the peace and mindfulness that a yoga practice can give.

I completed 235-hours of Hatha Yoga Training at Yoga With an Edge in Hickory, NC in October, 2014 and I am currently registered with Yoga Alliance.  I completed my 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training Certification at Yoga with an Edge in September, 2016. I am an RYT-500.


Vicki Vanderlinden
I began practicing yoga in 1996. I attended my first yoga class at the YMCA and never looked back. I attended all of the yoga classes offered around town and many out of town. I attended numerous one, two, and three day workshops anywhere I could find them. And then, I made a decision to enter a Five-day Intensive workshop at Asheville Yoga Center. It changed my life. Just a few months after completing the Five-day Intensive, I began teaching at the YMCA, one class a week, then two classes, then three classes, etc.. In 2007, I completed the 230-Hour Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center, and in January 2010, I completed the 500-Hour Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center. I also completed the Baron Baptiste Level I Teacher Training in 2013 and the journey continues with dozens of weekend trainings in-between.

I am an E-RYT-500. It is complete yoga love for me, and my dream is to convey that love to my students in a sometimes nurturing, sometimes intense, and always fun environment. The true sweetness comes from the students and simply seeing the yoga light in their eyes as they shine standing in mountain pose.

My practice is often edgy, offering flow, strong holds, long stretches, lots of core – whatever is in my heart is what I offer and that varies day to day. Truth is, I love all schools of yoga and may offer up about anything. Did I mention I love HEAT? All of my classes are at least warm. ¶ Yoga teachers I have studied and trained with are numerous and from all different backgrounds and schools of yoga. My dream is to continue to find and study with as many teachers as possible so that I may bring back the magic to my students.

Continuing my yoga journey, I am the owner of Yoga with an Edge in downtown Hickory and the Director of  the 9 Months/235 Hour Yoga School and Teacher Training Program at the Edge, as well as the 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program. I am deeply and eternally grateful.

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